The Idea Of The Perfect Body

November 5, 2011 Posted by johnkitchens

One thing that has always made me wonder is the thought of where society derives its model of the perfect body.  Whether male or female both have certain expectations to meet in order to be considered desirable when it comes to the form of the body.

Is the desired blueprint genetically built into us?  Do we already know from birth that men should have the chiseled abs of the retail store mannequins?  Do we already know that women are desirable when they have ample bosoms and curvy figures.. but not too curvy in the wrong places?

Or is it something that the media has planted into our common psyche?  Is it a model that was built by a Madison Avenue executive and copied for generations untold until everyone just unquestionably followed the same model?

One may think that both are possibility’s… but one can never know for sure.

If one truly just wants to have the most effective life and not worry about these things a healthy high performing body should be the desire.

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