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Snapback hats

August 17, 2011 Posted by Dudley Stotesbury

While not limited to sport, there probably isn’t a sports team in the world that doesn’t sell snapback hats with their team badge or logo on them.

When most people think snapback hats they think of their favorite team of their favorite sport.  These thoughts can bring joy and pleasure.  People wear these hats with pride and for some they provide a strong feeling of belonging, of camaraderie and solidarity.  It may be a simple construction of fabric and plastic but it’s not the thing that is important it is the emotional attachment.  It’s the feelings that are brought up by what snapback hats often represent.

Some teams have more than one design or color scheme to chose from.  The cynical may say that it’s just a marketing ploy to sell more merchandise and others will see it as a way they can support their team more.  There are others again that will see it as a great way of being able to support their team but still having a choice to chose what they like rather than being forced into one thing.  Whatever your take on this most teams will offer a selection of hat designs for you to chose between.

It’s not so bad, though, as snapback hats are fairly inexpensive although generally the bigger the team the more the hat costs!  If you just can’t chose between two designs offered by your team why not have both?

Corporate bodies often produce them with the company logo and give them out for free at trade shows and events for brand awareness purposes.  Even if people have no particular interest in the company concerned often they’ll be work at least now and then as they’re free and every one loves a freebie!

Sometimes they can be part of a company uniform, fast food outlets often use them for both corporate reasons and for food hygiene reasons, keeping hair out of the way of food preparation.

Some law enforcement agencies use them primarily for identification purposes, something to supplement the uniform as often the head/face is the immediate focus of the human eye so having an easily recognizable hat will lead to quicker identification.

Different Shapes Of African Drums

June 17, 2011 Posted by Sons 2010

There are many shapes to African drums, and they are usually determined by the community that owns them or the purpose for which they are used. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  1. The most common is much like the Western drums, only the diameter is usually a bit smaller. They are there in almost every community, and they will be used for playing as well as for sitting on.
  2. There is another type that is circular in shape, but that is just a few inches long. It will usually have a larger diameter than the one described above, and it is usually hung by the neck or held between the knees when playing it.

  3. There are some that are cone shaped, wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. These belong to some communities and are made this way for different pitch as well as aesthetic purposes.
  4. Some will be a combination of 2 cones joining in the middle, common in West Africa and again made this way for aesthetic as well as sound purposes. They will be brought out on special occasions.

These are just some of the shapes you will find on drums in Africa. There are many others. As a collector, explore as much as you can.