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I Need a New Crossbow

September 11, 2011 Posted by Bpritchert

I wanted to get me a new crossbow, since the one that I had broke on me.  Could not believe that happened! I am still fuming mad over the whole ordeal.

What happened was that I was out in the woods hunting with a group of my friends. I was getting ready to shoot my crossbow, and the darn thing broke! I do not know why this happened to me. I mean, I paid a whole lot of money for that thing.

I guess that things are just not made with as good of quality anymore like they used to be. You’ll pay the same price, but you will get substandard quality. That is just some bull right there. That is so wrong. That is cheating. When I get a new crossbow, it better be made well, or I’ll really make a stink about it! That is not a threat. It is a promise!