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Sunday School Lessons – Make Them Interesting!

March 22, 2012 Posted by Sons 2010

Because most children have a relatively short attention span it is vital that you occupy as much of that time as possible profitably. This can be achieved by making your Sunday school lessons interesting and short. Proper preparation beforehand should ensure that you have no meaningless, time-wasting material there which is not relevant to the lesson that you have in mind. Focus on the main point that you wish to get across to the children: is it the seriousness of sin; the importance of salvation; the brevity of life; the reality of eternity? Make that the issue of importance and concentrate on riveting that thought on the minds of the children. You will not be able to cover every aspect of the gospel in fifteen minutes so concentrate on the essential and dump the extraneous. Maintain eye contact with the children and use language they all understand. Do not speak above their heads as I heard one speaker do on an occasion when he said that ‘transgression’ was “a violation of God’s principles”.

Are CPR Certification Classes Enough?

July 8, 2011 Posted by Peter

It’s true that CPR certification classes are a fantastic start but ideally you should learn first aid. You never know what type of emergency situation you could be involved in. If a patient suffers burns your knowledge of resuscitation techniques won’t be of much use to them.

Learning first aid skills will take some time but most people enjoy the experience. They like the fact that they are prepared if something does happen. A lot of expectant parents go on first aid courses so that they have the knowledge and skills to help their children when an injury or accident happens. With kids you have the certainty that they are going to get bruised and scraped more than once in their lives. You just hope that it is nothing more serious than the odd broken bone or two.

You can take a combined first aid and CPR course at most towns. Your local medical center or hospital facility should be able to provide details. The Red Cross runs regular training courses and while you are there you could give blood as well.