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TEFL Jobs Today

July 19, 2011 Posted by Kasi Gebel

When you’re hired as an English teacher in another country, you’ll have access to travel and adventure, and these plus financial benefits will bring you an amazing standard of living. As trade expands throughout the world, more and more positions for people to teach English are coming open. Companies, schools, businesses, and shipping lines all hire individuals that are able to teach English to other individuals.

English is something that is highly valued worldwide. Those who are truly gifted in teaching English will find wonderful opportunities in international commerce, diplomacy and higher education. The ability to teach English as a second language can provide you years of wonderful travel and opportunities to participate in the international community. There are lots and lots of folks in the world who are yearning to be able to speak English as their next language. You’re just about guaranteed TEFL jobs in another country if you speak fluent English as a first language, have your college education, and have taken a short educational course that ensures you know how to teach English to non-native speakers.

In countries where English is not normally spoken, the world is your oyster if you can teach English and do it well. The highest demand for English teachers is found in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Some of these countries include Turkey, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Spain, Portugal, and Greece.