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Getting electric rc trucks for sale

October 16, 2011 Posted by Ronnie Wilson

Running and modifying remote control toys is a great hobby kids and adults of all ages can enjoy.  Remote control trucks, or rc trucks for short, are some of the most popular vehicles people use.  They’re popular because you can get great trucks that are ready to run, so it doesn’t take long to get started, and you can run them right in your backyard.  There are slower trucks for kids and there are also very fast racing trucks that will go 50 or 60 mph or more.  You can always find fun rc trucks for sale either online or at your local rc hobby shop (if you are fortunate enough to have a good one nearby).

Redcat Racing, Traxxas, and HPI are a few of the leading truck makers.  You can rest assured that all three have good warranty coverage for their vehicles.  Remote control vehicles in the US usually come with a 90 day limited warranty where electronics like the radio systems are covered for 30 days and most of the rest of the parts are covered for 90 days.  When there is a defect with a truck, it is often in part of the electronics and may be fixed by replacing a component such as the radio or a servo.  These fixes can be made without having to return the entire truck.  Sometimes, a manufacturer may want you to send in a defective part first before they replace it but in many cases they will simply send a new part out in the mail after you fill out a warranty claim with them.